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“So what have you been up to in the holidays?”


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Le cose più semplici ti sanno togliere il fiato meglio


Everytime you use Comic Sans a font designer loses their wings.

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Happy weekend, Ninja and Trouble! 

I’m fairly new to your blog and to the world of Tumblr erotica, but then again, there’s lot I’m new to these days. For many years I led a pleasant but conventional and vanilla life, both sexually and otherwise; now, as a result of a series of not-always-happy events, I find that I have unexpectedly unlocked a part of myself that has dramatically changed how I see the world. (Although not how (most of) the world sees me — which is part of the fun.) Now there is an undercurrent of sexual energy and charge and beauty in places it never would have occurred to me to look in the past. Blogs like yours have really helped open my eyes to this. Thank you!

Case in point, it was the artwork in my hotel room this week that inspired me to take this picture. That can’t be something anyone says about hotel artwork very often!


It sounds like you’re experiencing a kind of sexual awakening and that’s a really great place to be in. I love that feeling of looking through the world with new eyes and being more open and positive in my disposition. Enjoy this time and what you accomplish during it. Beauty is definitely all around you, within you, and even on hotel walls. 

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Got an old Impala decal (emblem, name plate, whatever it’s officially called?) today. This was always one of my favorites as a kid and still to this day, cars used to have such stellar lettering. Also nabbed a Mercury one but it needs a bit of serious cleaning.

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